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Do I need any experience?
Nope! You will learn everything you need to know in our classes. And keep in mind, we all had to begin with level 1 ;-) Also, take advantage of any of our all levels fitness classes as they will make a huge difference in getting stronger and ready for the next level!  WOOT!

I have no upper body strength...will that be a problem?

Nope!  But you're about to get some real fast! Our classes are proven to get you strong from head-to-toe, and there is no reason to think you need to get some upper body strength before you take a spin, or try a climb!

What should I wear?
POLE CLASSES: Tank top and shorts are best!  Skin = Grip, Fabric = Slip ;-) 

AERIAL CLASSES: Leggings and long sleeves are best!  No one likes a fabric burn ;-)

BAR/BARRE/YOGA: Your favorites!  Typically in LL Barre and lime light yoga, you'll want comfy, stretchy stuff ;-)


What about high heels?
All classes are designed to be performed barefoot, high heels/stilettos may only be worn with proof of health insurance as we are NOT liable for injury due to wearing them.

Am I too big to pole dance?

Pole Dance is for women of all shapes and sizes. You will definitely trim down as you go and will see more body definition. Pole dance is a whole body workout. You get muscle toning and strength along with cardiovascular exercise, all combined into an extremely fun hour and fifteen minute workout.

Is there a changing room in the studio? Showers?

There is a changing area (rest room) by the studio and cubbies for your personal belongings. There are NO showers on premises.

What if I show up late? Can I still join the class?

You are required to show up at least 5 min ahead of class. For safety purposes we will not be able to let you in late. Be here early enough to change and be ready to start class on time.

What should I bring to class?

You should always bring a water bottle to class, however we do some for purchase at the studio.  We encourage you to bring your own yoga mat and towel, but we do have them at the studio.  You must clean any studio yoga mat and other equipment to ensure cleanliness.


What else should I know?
Other than our classes being quite addicting, you should not wear lotion on your hands, body, and legs the day of pole class. Sweating will release the lotion back to the surface and you will be sliding off the pole. Please refrain from applying fragrance as many are sensitive.  Rings, watches, and bracelets are also not allowed so leave your jewelry at home. We are not responsible for lost items.


We use a great online scheduling system, Mind Body Online, to organize and schedule our classes, workshops, events, private and personal training sessions, parties and more!  

This is also where you can book all of the above at the convenience of your fingertips!


Start by creating your free account which stores your information including purchases and class bookings all in a secure and privacy protected database.  


Next, simply click on "sign up now" on the desired class and you'll be asked "what you would like to buy?"  Well... that's up to you!   Just follow the drop-down menu where you will find that we offer everything from a Single Class purchase to Monthly Unlimited Classes as well as Class Pack options to fit your needs!  Of course, we'd love to see you as much as we can!  *Please note: ALL sales are final, no refunds or extensions on class packs are given. 


Now that you've made your purchase and have reserved your spots in class, we'll even remind you via email the day before class making sure we get to see your lovely face!


Please read the following thoroughly.  By signing our waiver of liability, you are also agreeing to follow our studio and class policies. We thank you for your etiquette in our studio and respect of other students.

Class Policies:


  • All classes are for women only, unless marked co-ed on the schedule.  Men may call for private or semi-private instruction by appointment only.

  • Ages 18 and up for all Pole Classes, 12 and up for aerial (lyra, silks, fly gym) with a parent/gaurdian signs a consent form.

  • All fitness, strength and coordination levels are welcome in all-level classes.  Otherwise, level progression is permissed by an instructor.  You may not sign up for the next level in pole fitness without prior instructor approval.  Doing so will result in not participating in class.

  • Perform level of movements of the scheduled class.   

  • Poles have a weight limit of 225 pounds set by the manufacturer.

  • Engaging in any form of physical activity carries an increased risk of experiencing an event such as rapid heartbeat, dizziness, orthopedic injury, and in rare instances, stroke, sudden cardiac event, or even death. To minimize these risks, we encourage you to have a physical by a medical doctor prior to engaging in any exercise.

  • If, for any reason, you experience difficulty during class, such as dizziness, shortness of breath, injury, feel faint, etc., please cease all activities and inform the instructor of your difficulties. *Please inform the instructor of any old or new injuries, physical limitations, or health conditions that may compromise your abilities.

  • Anyone pregnant will need physicians approval to participate in class. 

  • Do not apply lotion for 24 hours prior to any pole, open pole, or specialty pole class.

  • Do not wear any hand/ankle/toe jewlry to pole classes.

  • Never spot another student or ask a student to spot you.  Please do not attempt to instruct your fellow students with current or new movements. Our instructors are trained & certified professionals in their form of dance/fitness and it is important for everyone’s safety that this rule is respected.  If you are seen instructing another student, you will be asked to stop or to leave class.

  • Stay off of equipment if the instructor is not in the room.

  • Stay off of equipment if you are not properly warmed up.

Studio Policies:


  • Kindly remove your street shoes upon entering the studio.  Absolutely no street shoes are allowed on the fitness/dance floor.

  • High heels/Stilettos are allowed with proof of health insurance.  We do NOT cover the risk of wearing high heels/stilettos.

  • Please quietly wait in the lime light lounge until the class you are attending is open to the floor.

  • When in the lime light lounge during any class in progress, please be mindfull and considerate to your fellow students as well as the instructor keeping your voices down.

  • Kindly clean your pole and any other equipment used as well as your area on the floor at the end of your class.  Keep in mind all grip-aids leave a residue on the floor that needs to be cleaned up after class.  We appreciate your cooperation!

  • No gum, candy, food, or drinks other than water are allowed on the fitness/dance floor

  • Cell phones are not permitted during class. Please turn volume setting to silent or vibrate.  

  • Photos/videos may not be taken during instruction of classes.

  • All Photos/videos are property of lime light fitness when taken in our studio.

  • Photos and videos of the studio, students, or instructors may not be taken without instructor as well as individual consent.

  • Please keep all valuables locked in your car. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • No pets or children are allowed in the studio.  There is no childcare.

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