GROUP CLASSES at lime light, simply put, are a fun-filled way to get fit!  Here, workouts seem to always be over too fast and you're actually looking forward to the next one, which often is the very next class!  With our small class sizes, you will get plenty of personalized attention resulting in goals=achieved! You could do the same class everyday with a different instructor and feel like you've worked something different each time.  With small class sizes and talented instructors you are in for an amazing experience!   Don't wait, book now.  Our friendly instructors are ready and waiting to fly with you!  Learn about our different classes and view the online schedule below.  

We can't wait to have you in class with us!



Pole dance and pole fitness classes are offered to meet your level of training. We strive to provide you a safe and progressive practice!  


 L1:   An introduction to pole dance. You will learn basic pole moves, poses and beginner spins and how to link them together to create fun combos and routines. Look forward to your first Fireman, Sunwheel and Hook Spins! You will also work on climbing the pole in preparation for inverts.  Shorts are best for working on climbing and pole sits.  Any fitness level welcome!

L2: With an assessment to move on to L2, you are now ready for more advanced moves and spins including inversions to add to your routine! Moves will include: Attitudes, Single hand spins, combo spins, Basic Inversion, Inverted Crucifix, Butterfly and MORE!

*Must be instructor approved to attend this class

L3: With an assessment to move on to L3, you are now ready for more advanced moves and inversions to add to your routine! Moves will include: Extended Butterfly, Superman/Superwoman, Shoulder Mount Prep, Layback/Waterfall, Flatline, Hip Holds Aerial Invert and MORE!

*Must be instructor approved to attend this class

L4: With an assessment to move on to L4, you're inversions are about to take on a new world of strength and power!   Moves will include: Jade, Holly-Drop, Handspring, Ayesha, Brass Monkey and MORE!

*Must be able to perform your aerial invert proficiently

*Must be instructor approved to attend this class


Due to our limited class sizes, we strongly reccommend reserving your spot in class in advance.  In our Pole classes you won't have to share a pole with another student (unless neccessary for a designated class or workshop), therefore space is quite limited to 9 students per class.  The same goes for our Fly Gym classes with only 6 spots available for class.  Aerial classes do share equipment as some off-apparatus-time is neccessary, but we still limit the size of class for a great experience!  You will find a great deal of personal attention in every class including taylored instruction and modifications.  


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